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vannamei shrimp farming

The best idea for selling vannamei shrimp is to use websites that are complete and optimized in every way and gain customer trust.

vannamei shrimp farming

Seafood is an important source of nutrients that is widely used in the human diet. Shrimp are one of these products.

Shrimp live in the sea and only some shrimps live in fresh water. Cholesterol levels in shrimp are very low. Selenium in shrimp is useful in preventing cancer.
Vannamei shrimp is a type of shrimp that is mostly grown in Hormozgan that has the following characteristics:

  • Survival of this species is more than other species.
  • The cost of food for this species is much lower.
  • Vannamei shrimp has a higher growth factor.
  • It is more efficient than other species.
  • Vannamei shrimp is more resistant to disease.
    The use of plant proteins in vannamei shrimp chains is another advantage that reduces the cost of shrimp production.

The perfect site to buy vannamei shrimp

An ideal site for shopping should meet the following requirements:

  • There should be a clear logo on the site.
  • Discount products.
  • Free shipping.
  • Shopping cart, login form and search on the site.
  • Secure payment systems.
  • The social media link is of great importance.
  • Make contact numbers and online chat available for communication.
  • The e-trust symbol of the Business Development Center is registered.

Persian vannamei shrimp trade

One of the advantages of aquaculture in our country is the cultivation of shrimp and vannamei, which, while providing the white protein needed by the people, is a good source of monetary gain through export.
According to surveys, the southern regions of Iran have the potential to grow shrimp.
Iran’s shrimp vannamei is very popular around the world and can be significantly increased by investing in shrimp cultivation projects as well as by providing the necessary training to the sector.
The level of shrimp technology depends largely on the level of the farm, the investment potential of the breeder and the amount of crop. Direct delivery without the intermediary sales of shrimp through Internet sites.

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