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Hight quality giant tiger prawns for sale

giant tiger prawns for sale are in really kind price. How to wash shrimp swimming pool? It is essential to remove any inappropriate deposits. What to do to improve bed quality? It drains and then drains up to 20-30 cm. Use giant tiger prawns for sale.

giant tiger prawns

giant tiger prawns breeding pool factors

Preparation and maintenance of shrimp breeding pool is essential. Increase the harvest. To do this, factors should be taken into consideration. Fans like disinfecting. Or pool layout invoice. It is also very important to feed the juice. Some of the most important of these factors are as follows. Use giant tiger prawns for sale.

  • Plowing

For soil fertility, pools need to be plowed. With this, the surface layer of the soil is exposed to the air. This action causes the exhaust of toxic gases in the soil. And accelerates the decomposition of the material in the bed. For this purpose, the depth of 20 to 30 cm in the soil of the pool  submerged.

  • Lime for pool

To eliminate parasites and harmful organisms in cultivated pools. They act as lime powder or liquid. For this purpose, one to two tons of powdered lime needed. They play it on a pool of acres. So that the surface of the pool is completely white. The lime useful also supplies the calcium needed by the pool.

giant tiger prawns

Dehydration of cultivated pools

Supplying water to shrimp pools in Iranian breeding systems is very accurate. It is usually done through communication channels with the sea and pumping. And as it said, the water needed  provided from a place. Which water has a good quality. Now if the source of water contaminated and contaminated. It’s better to wait a few days. Reset the water and reduce its pollution or turbidity. Dehydration of shrimp breeding pools is also two stages.

giant tiger prawns

Initial dehydration

At this point, the pools are deeply heated to a height of 40 cm. Then they carry out operations to combat banana creatures and early crops.

  •  Fighting Banana Creatures

It is possible to drain pools. Various organisms enter the water with the inlet water or through the surrounding environment. In order to combat these factors, they install the lace in the first place at the place of pumping water. And they will install lace at the entrance to the pool. To prevent these creatures from entering. Additionally, if we face further disturbing factors. We face chemical struggle. For this purpose, tea seedlings, swine specimens, tobacco circles and dill root are used.

  •  initial fertilization

Initial preparation of the pool is necessary before fertilization of the baby shrimp. After preliminary digestion, add 80 to 100 kg of poultry manure or 50 kg of fertilizer. We add this amount to water per hectare. This amount of fertilizer is uniformly sprayed at the pool level. If the soil in the pool is of good quality. The amount of fertilizer will be lower. Use giant tiger prawns for sale.

giant tiger prawns

Second stage dewatering

Usually, two to three days after initial dehydration. At this time, the lips will appear. That is, they grow and develop at the entire aquatic pool level.

After fertilizing the pool. Also the second stage is dewatering. At this stage of dewatering should be considered. Which does not penetrate banana creatures through the water entering the pool. Because at this stage it is not possible to disinfect and eliminate. There is no possibility of disinfection, as in the first stage of dewatering. Therefore, special care is required in this area. Laying the net and preventing the arrival of agents in different ways. At this stage, the pool is dehydrated to a height of one meter. And it’s possible to move shrimp larvae. Use giant tiger prawns for sale.



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