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Frozen Shrimp | Is Frozen Shrimp Good to Export?

Shrimp is delicious and popular among people. Shrimps are sold both fresh and frozen. Frozen shrimp like other frozen foods can be eaten after some days. However, fresh shrimp spoils soon and, therefore, it should be eaten or get frozen. Both of these kinds are exported to other countries. The demand for shrimp in the market is high and sellers do their best to provide enough shrimp for customers.

Shrimps are popular but not only for their taste. They have lots of health benefits and take doctors away. Even people that do not like the taste, they eat shrimp to stay healthier. Sea foods generally are good for health; Specially because they are full of minerals necessary for human body. But, where to buy fresh shrimp? Many super markets have frozen shrimp for sale.

Frozen Shrimp |Is Frozen Shrimp Good to Export?

Best Shrimp In The World for Importers

Best Shrimp In The World for Importers Best shrimp in the world is in Iran. Iranian gulf shrimp which is produced in Persian gulf has the highest quality. The high demand of shrimp has persuade some people to reproduce shrimp in shrimp farms. The shrimp in shrimp farms has also the highest quality. The reason is that the water in the farms are in fact sea water that is directed to the farms. This means the shrimps in the farms are growing in the natural environment.

The other differentiating characteristics of Iranian farm shrimp is that they do not have any antibiotics or any other chemicals left in their bodies. They have been grown naturally. In some countries farmers add chemicals to the water to help shrimps grow faster and bigger. These chemicals will remain in shrimps’ bodies and will be eaten by customers. They have very bad effects on human bodies. Shrimps are eaten to keep human bodies healthy not to ruin their health. That is why Iranian shrimp has its especial customers around the world.

Sell & Buy Gulf Shrimp

Sell & Buy Gulf Shrimp Selling and buying gulf shrimp is quite beneficial. As it was mentioned the best gulf shrimp in the world is from Iran and that is the reason buyers around the world like to buy shrimps from Iran. Iranian producers export fresh and frozen shrimp. The fresh shrimp is hard to export. Because they must be kept in a very cold condition to be usable. Therefore, for exporting fresh shrimp they are either put in big icy containers or in especial fridges. This way they can preserve the fresh shrimp for customers in other countries. The prices are reasonably higher because of its shipping and especial preserving method.

Where To Buy Fresh Shrimp?

Where To Buy Fresh Shrimp? The best place to buy fresh shrimps is in port cities that sellers get the shrimps from the sea and sell them directly in the local markets. The prices in these markets are of course lower than other cities. Shrimp farms also sell their products directly. By going to these farms you can buy fresh shrimps directly. Fresh shrimps are less available in other cities. Most shrimps in other cities are frozen shrimp. Because frozen shrimps can stay in markets for more days. Iranian people themselves eat less shrimps than other people in the world and that is the reason that there are always enough shrimp for export.

How to Choose Best Frozen Shrimp?

How to Choose Best Frozen Shrimp? Best frozen shrimps are those in hygienic packages and with expire dates on them. Shrimps can not be used after some days because they expire soon. Shrimps like other kinds of sea foods should be kept in a very low temperature. Therefore, frozen shrimps must be in fact frozen. Some markets keep them in higher temperatures which will result in food spoil. Shrimps are delicious and are good for health. The business is beneficial and many people in port cities are making farms for producing shrimps.

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