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Fresh shrimp market

In the following, we try to review the properties of the new shrimp and get acquainted with it.

Cultivated shrimp

One of the shrimp species is the shrimp that has been cultivated in recent years on the southern coasts of the country and even on the shores of Golestan province in the Gomishan region, using seawater channeled to field-driven farms in the pools. That is, in fact, the native sea shrimp of the area that is artificially raised in the pools. These species are not only meat-free in shrimp farms that live naturally in the seas, but they are also superior in quality and health because they are grown in the environment. Live under the supervision, supervision and control.

How to distinguish fresh shrimp from non-healthy:

Shrimp because they contain unsaturated fatty acids, so their spoilage happens quickly, and since all of the shrimp’s digestive organs are in the body, it also begins to rot from the head to body, so be careful. If shrimp are freshly bought, the shrimp head must be removed immediately and the shrimp headless in the freezer, or even shrimp skin can be removed and only the muscle preserved. In industrial and processing units, shrimps head or peel and sell the shrimp according to the demands of the consumer market and customers’ tastes. So be careful that the fresh shrimp has a head and is firmly attached to the head.

The color of the shrimp depends on the species, breed and living environment of the shrimp, but most shrimp turn pink when cooked, indicating the severity of the shrimp’s health. That is, the shorter the shrimp pink, the lower the quality of the shrimp, and the higher the pink quality, the shrimp color should be uniform and without large black spots in the form of coarse spots, but be careful. That the tiny scattered spots on the shrimp’s body is a natural thing, and we don’t have to worry about it. Fresh shrimp has no bad smell and only has the natural smell of shrimp. But if it breaks down, it can smell like ammonia. In this sense, its breeding and marine type are no different, meaning shrimp that are sold off the coast immediately after the catch is odorless.

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