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Precautions to take :

Copper, even at very low doses, is a deadly poison for shrimps!

Beware of drugs and disinfectants sold for the aquarium, they often contain copper, deadly for them!

In addition, it is difficult to raise shrimps in an aquarium in too soft water because they need a minimum of limestone to build their shell: the recommended minimum is GH> 4.

Be careful not to overfeed!

Omnivorous, they find in a well-installed aquarium enough to feed themselves: leftover food for fish, seaweed, rubbish.

Which shrimps to choose for an aquarium?

The freshwater shrimp currently found belong to two large families, Palaemonidae and Atyidae.

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Tiger Shrimp | Global Tiger Shrimp Sales in 2019

Tiger shrimp and shake shrimp are two mainstream choices, and they're additionally two altogether different animals. A portion of the contrasts between the two incorporate waters of birthplace, angling and cultivating rehearses, appearance, surface and flavor. ... Tiger shrimp are delegated warm-water shrimp ... Global tigger shrimp sales in 2019 have increased alot.Not at all like virus water shrimp, whose meat can be watery and at times taste flat, warm water Black Tiger shrimp have an unmistakably striking, sweet, firm-finished meat that has earned them the respect of being known as the 'poor man's lobster'. ... Dark Tiger Prawns are known for their "tiger stripes" on their shells and tails. 

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giant tiger prawns

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